i-teba is an IT Products and Services Business

With over 25 years experience delivering high quality products and services to a wide range of
industries you are assured our approach works.

Using both Local and Offshore services we deliver a quality service at
an affordable price.


The Smarte ERP/MIS provides extensive functionality for Buying, Manufacturing and Warehousing operations.

  • Smarte ERP / MIS
  • Shopfront Customer Portal
  • Buying / Manufacturing / Warehousing
  • Store Profiling / Campaign Management


Using a mixture of Local and Offshore services we can deliver high quality services at competitive prices.

  • Consultancy
  • Development
  • Support

Recruitment & Training

The Talking product range are tools consisting of Video, Audio and Text that will help streamline processes and reduce costs.

  • Talking CV
  • Talking Job
  • Talking Induction
  • Talking Help


SolPrint is a fully integrated Management Information System designed specifically for the Printing Industry.

  • SolPrint
  • SolPrint Buyer
  • SolPrint Rental

i-teba SP Limited

i-teba SP Limited is an IT Products and Services business based in Battersea London that was established in 1992.

The main product, SolPrint, is a Management Information System designed specifically for the Printing Industry. The product is established as one of the leading systems available in the UK with an excellent list of clients including Tesco, Henry Ling, Capita, Blackmore Press and Waddington and Ledger.



We offer a wide range of services using both our Local and Offshore resources.
Any work undertaken is managed in the UK and all contact with the client is undertaken by our Local resources.

We have a team of highly experienced consultants who will analyse your requirements and detail the best approach to minimise the costs and achieve the desired goals.

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Our experienced UK based developers are supplemented by a dedicated Offshore team. This way we are able to allocate the relevant resources depending on the project.

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Our network support staff provide Help Desk support to your staff using our remote access tools which enable us to undertake your IT Support tasks efficiently and cost effectively.

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SolPrint Shopfront is a branded shopping website w...

The SolPrint Shopfront is a branded shopping website with automated workflow management built in. The style sheet and layout can be configured to prom...

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Abbey Labels Manage their Printing Process with So...

For over 15 years, SolPrint has worked with Barry Pettit from Abbey Labels, a label printing company that is situated in East Anglia. They have used S...

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SolPrint Campaign Management and Store Profiling

The SolPrint Campaign Management module will build, communicate, control and monitor campaigns for large retail outlets.

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